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Arrival what to expect

Dubious agensy near phuketmap Airport

The common transport from Phuket Airport are taxis and minibuses. They should bring you straight to your destination, but most of them will bring you to an office, where you are told, that your own choice of accommodation is no good, fully occupied, closed permanently, burned to the ground etc. As a final point they claim that the driver can't find the place.
Why do they do that? Because.....................:

Office near phuketmap Airport where tourists are lured to rent rooms

Some hotels in Phuket use to pay up to 300 b per room day, for touts who can bring guests to their premises

Therefore it has become quite organized, to lure guests away from other hotels. Those people promise very low room prices, but they do not tell about the extra fees which often appears, and they are seldom honest about which room quality they sell. That kind of dubious agencies normally want to blur their identity, so ask for a printed business card, which a bureau with honest intentions always will provide

Please do not tell about the existence of this page!

Those people will ask you many questions, but they only need to know, where you want to go. Any other detail about your holiday is not their business

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